We Write Life Engagement Toolkit

We Write Life can be adapted for a range of participants including students, companies, organizations and families. We have included toolkits for educators who want to implement We Write Life at their schools.

We Write Life Implementation Check List

Download the complete We Write Life Implementation Checklist

Download the We Write Life Campaign Sample Two-Day Lesson Plan

Download the We Write Life Editing Checklist

[tabs][tab title=”Day 1″]Goal – Introduce We Write Life and begin letter writing

(Students may be dealing with anger, confusion and frustration regarding these events. To help students process their emotions you may want to have them journal their feelings before or after writing letters).

Recommended Materials

[/tab] [tab title=”Day2″]Goal – Edit letters and consider how to improve the relationship between law enforcement and youth

Recommended Materials


Suggested Recipients to Whom to Address Letters


The Honorable President Barack Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20504[/alert-announce] [alert-announce]

Darlene Mealy

1757 Union Street, 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11213 [/alert-announce] [alert-announce]

The Honorable Mayor Bill de Blasio

City Hall New York, NY 10007[/alert-announce]

Write to mayors and other local elected officials including town, city, state and federal representatives in the community your activism will influence. The following site provides contact info to key officials: