Our Heroes

We celebrate individuals, nonprofits, and businesses that help us deliver. If you are interested in hosting and/or becoming a receiving client contact us.

Repair the World mobilizes Jewish people and their communities to take action to pursue a just world, igniting a lifelong commitment to service. With Repair we are fighting period poverty for our unhoused neighbors in Brooklyn, NYC.

Laci Chisholm, Owner, Fit4Dance, and her fitabulous clients teamed up to host the largest WeDeliverPeriod drive to date.

CCF eliminates individual and social barriers to higher education, economic security, and civic participation for formerly incarcerated women and their families. We partner with CCF to help their clients achieve their immediate wellness goals on their paths to higher education achievement.

Cynthia Turner hosted a WeDeliverPeriod drive in her hometown to help girls transitioning out of sex trafficking. She’s a doer and an inspiration.

Advancing Menstrual Health and Hygiene for Women and Girls Around the World

WeDeliverPeriod is an initiative of RenewToday, a social impact organization.