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Cynthia Turner and Amelia Thompson
Cynthia Turner and Amelia Thompson, founder of We Deliver Period

WeDeliverPeriod Drive Host Finds it Pretty Easy

Cynthia Turner hosted a WeDeliverPeriod drive in her hometown. She’s a doer and an inspiration. Hear from her yourself:
Why did you decide to host a WeDeliverPeriod Care Packaging Day? I actually hosted a drive over the course of a month. I created invites for support and distributed them to people I felt would support. I also posted a flyer on FB and garnered support there as well.
What steps did you take to host a care packaging day? For the drive I created a flyer, a physical invitation, and an email support letter.
What was difficult/what was easy? The work was pretty easy as I followed the templates provided.

How did you select a receiving organization? I selected the organization based upon a web search and subsequent research on the organization. There mission was firm and impactful. Their email response to my inquiry was prompt and they were willing to receive the care packages without a lot of additional paperwork. (Find out more about Courtney’s House).

What was the organization’s response to this effort? They are eager to receive the support.
Any advice or encouragement you’d offer to someone considering hosting a care packaging day? Follow the template, enlist a community of support, and communicate frequently with those who have committed their time and resources.


We exist to cultivate a global community dedicated to celebrating the purpose and dignity of women and girls. We provide funding to organizations, researchers and initiatives fighting period poverty and advancing menstrual equity around the world.

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CCF eliminates individual and social barriers to higher education, economic security, and civic participation for formerly incarcerated women and their families. We partner with CCF to help their clients achieve their immediate wellness goals on their paths to higher education achievement.

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Repair the World mobilizes Jewish people and their communities to take action to pursue a just world, igniting a lifelong commitment to service. With Repair we are fighting period poverty for our unhoused neighbors in Brooklyn, NYC.

Advancing Menstrual Health and Hygiene for Women and Girls Around the World

WeDeliverPeriod is an initiative of RenewToday, a social impact organization.