Host an Event

Hi there

We invite you to host a WeDeliverPeriod Care Packaging Day or Donation Drive. To do so you’ll need to do three simple things:
  1. Select a date and site (a friend’s apartment, a local community center or church are great options)
  2. Invite friends, colleagues and other community members
  3. Host (don’t forget to take pics and share using #wedeliverperiod)
That’s it. For supplies ask guests to bring the hygiene items they use during their menstruation. You may also want to include time for guests to write cards with an encouraging note to include in each package. For more information feel free to contact us.


Team WDP.

P.S. We also partner with organizations and businesses to help them feature WeDeliverPeriod Care Packaging or Donation Drive experiences as part of their lineup.

Advancing Menstrual Health and Hygiene for Women and Girls Around the World

WeDeliverPeriod is an initiative of RenewToday, a social impact organization.