Leadership Development

At WeDeliverPeriod we work to help changemakers connect to community, develop and sharpen their impact, and lead bold change globally.

Impact fellowship

The Impact Fellowship is for changemakers based in sub-Saharan Africa helping girls stay in school through advancing menstrual equity. To date 100% of graduates have shared their confidence as leaders improved through participating.

Global ambassadors

The Global Ambassadors Program is for high school and college students from around the world interested in fighting period poverty in their local community. Students based in Liberia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Germany, and the United States are leading change right where they live.

Period Care Medical Fellowship

Period Care Without Borders is designed to bring medically-accurate information to students in the US and around the world. We partner with medical schools to host short term mission trips for medical school residents who have an interest in promoting gender equity and education.

Advancing Menstrual Health and Hygiene for Women and Girls Around the World

WeDeliverPeriod is an initiative of RenewToday, a social impact organization.